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At The Westervelt Company proper safety is considered imperative in all company operations and at all facilities. Hunting clubs should also emphasize safety at every opportunity. It only takes a second for someone to get injured, become permanently disabled, or even worse to lose their life, particularly where such things as firearms, ATV’s, chainsaws and tree stands are concerned. All of these are very useful tools but take proper care, maintenance and a safety first attitude to prevent accidents and injuries.

The keys are to follow manufacturers’ recommendations, practice proper use and to check their condition each year before the season.

For firearms, that means making sure they are clean, free of obstruction and in proper working order. Always keep them unloaded until ready to hunt and make sure of your target!
ATV’s are fun to ride and have greatly improved the hunters ability to access land. However, they can be deadly if misused. Never ride an ATV with a loaded gun. Westervelt hunters also need to watch out for other vehicles including log trucks, TWC personnel and other hunters.
Chainsaws are obviously very dangerous and extreme caution should be used. Always read the owner’s manual and follow safe cutting procedures. Chaps, boots, goggles or glasses and gloves are essential protective equipment. Special attention should be given to partially fallen or “bowed” trees in log roads. These notoriously snap-back and can cause severe injury or death.
Finally, tree stands are something many Westervelt hunters will use sometime during the deer season. Hunting from these elevated platforms is an effective way to harvest white-tailed deer but are also the cause of most hunting accidents. Always make sure your stand is in good working condition before you try to use it. Always wear a full body safety harness – even if you don’t climb over 15 feet!!! Practice using new stands at home before heading to the woods.

Remember – common sense goes a long way in preventing accidents and injuries. Safety first!

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