Property Assessment

Westervelt’s Property Assessment is perfect for new landowners that are just starting their management program or those who have owned their property for many years. We use Property Assessments as a tool to help clients determine the current status of their property and wildlife program and identify strategies for improving it. This ensures their program starts in the right direction and management efforts have desirable results. Clients often request annual assessments as a check up to help them identify next steps, management strategies or projects that will help them achieve overall goals.

Our Property Assessment starts by meeting at your property and conducting a brief interview to determine overall and specific goals of the property or wildlife management program. The assessment also determines historical management, current status of the property and other relevant information that will help us help you. These interviews are usually held with the landowner(s), land manager, or hunting club.

After getting a better understanding of land management goals and current strategies being applied, we look at the property in detail. During the property visit, our biologists identify the property’s strengths and weaknesses based on the goals of the property.

We will then provide prioritized management recommendations that will address strengths and weaknesses of the property and find avenues that will enhance the wildlife value and help achieve land management goals. Westervelt Wildlife Services summarizes this information in an easy to read, well-defined Property Assessment Report that will help you understand where your management program stands, what the property weaknesses are, how they need to be addressed and what you need to do to reach goals.

Westervelt’s Property Assessment will not only save you money, but can significantly reduce the timeline to success. We know what works and more importantly what doesn’t.

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