Is a lease for the entire year, or for just the hunting season ?

A Westervelt hunting lease permits you to use the property throughout the year.

Is the lease renewable ?

Once a contract expires, the existing club has the first option for renewal before it is posted as an available lease as long as they have abided by the lease contract policies, been good stewards of the land, followed deer management recommendations, and have made lease payments on time.

How is the lease price determined ?

Each tract is priced separately based on habitat diversity, potential to produce quality game, quality access roads, and the presence of other enhancements such as food plots, camps, fishing lakes, etc.

Will the lease price change ?

Expect an annual price increase of 5% throughout the duration of the contract (usually 3 year contracts).

How do I pay for my lease ?

Westervelt does not mail invoices. Lease invoices are generated on each club webpage which can be printed and mailed back to Westervelt with payment. We also have an online payment option that can be customized for each club. For most hunting clubs, the payment schedule is as follows: 25% by May 1st, 25% June 1st, and the balance by July 1st. If remaining balance is not paid in full by July 1st, the lease contract will be cancelled and the tract will be listed as an available lease.

Can I lease just part of a Westervelt hunting lease tract ?

We will not break up tracts of land into many small lease parcels. We encourage neighboring landowners, hunting camps, and others to work together as one group to apply for a larger piece of Westervelt property. You can then decide amongst the group (and include it in your Camp Rules) the guidelines for who hunts different parts of the property and other similar questions.

What about subleasing ?

Subleasing, commercial hunting, or selling of hunting rights is prohibited and is a direct violation of the lease contract.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my lease ?

Contact your respective lease manager/biologist. Their contact information is listed on our website. You may also contact them via email directly from your club’s website

How many members can we have ?

Westervelt allows one member per 100 acres on most leases. This ensures customer safety and a quality hunting experience.

Is there any preference for who gets to lease a tract of land ?

Typically, neighboring and local landowners or groups who have historically hunted a property and have been good stewards of the land will be given preference when making leasing decisions. However, a group who has been known to abuse a property, or has a history of wildlife violations, will be excluded from consideration for a lease.

If we lease from Westervelt are we allowed to post the land ?

Yes, lease tracts may be posted. Lessee may post the premises against trespass in accordance with the State laws to the extent of the rights granted by the lease. Only Westervelt signs may be used for posting leases (aluminum nails are required). Signs are available through our hunting lease managers.

How can I identify a tract of land on the ground ?

Hunting lease maps available on our website under available leases should provide guidance to the location and boundaries of the lease property. Once at the tract, Westervelt property lines are marked on trees with yellow paint. The yellow property lines, however, only indicate Westervelt property lines and not necessarily the hunting lease boundaries. There may be several hunting lease tracts within one large Westervelt owned tract of land. Interior hunting lease boundaries are generally roads, creeks, rivers, or other natural boundaries.

What kinds of deer stands are allowed ?

Metal ladder stands, tripods, climbing stands, and shooting houses are encouraged. Nailing stands to trees or driving metal spikes into trees for steps is not allowed.

Can we put gates on our lease ?

Most Westervelt lands are already gated. Where needed, and only with Westervelt’s written permission, hunting clubs will be allowed to erect gates. However, gates must be built to Westervelt specifications. Under no circumstances are cables, chains, or ropes to be used to restrict access due to potential safety hazards. Use of cables, chains, ropes or other similar restrictions may be grounds for lease cancellation. We recommend relaying gate issues to your hunting lease manager. In many cases, we can help resolve these issues.

Will Westervelt harvest timber during hunting season ?

Because growing and harvesting trees is the primary land use objective for The Westervelt Company’s land, it is necessary to harvest timber or conduct other forest management activities throughout the year. However, efforts will be made to inform hunting clubs of these activities prior to them occurring. Because we manage hundreds of hunting clubs and timber activities are constant across the Westervelt landscape, it may not always be possible to contact the club directly. Thus, planned silvicultural activity maps are updated regularly and listed on each club’s webpage.

Does our hunting group need to secure liability insurance if we lease land from Westervelt ?

No. Your club does need insurance, but you will not have to seek and secure insurance on your own. Westervelt Wildlife Services secures annual liability insurance for all hunting clubs under one insurance policy through the Outdoor Underwriters Agency. The insurance amount is added to the total lease price. That is, your total lease price is the lease amount ($/acre) plus the insurance amount.

Can we cut shooting lanes ?

No commercial trees can be cut to establish shooting lanes. Lessees will be allowed to cut brush, however, to open shooting lanes. If you are in doubt as to whether the plants in question are commercial trees or brush, do not cut them! Contact your lease manager for clarification.

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