Deer Management

Producing healthy deer herds with many quality mature bucks is what we do best. Most of us spend a great deal of time and money trying to grow quality deer on our property. When you devote this many resources into your deer management program, don’t leave achieving your deer management goals to chance.

Our Premium Deer Management Package includes:

 Deer harvest data sheets.
 Boone & Crockett scoring sheets.
 Hunter observation cards (to measure hunt quality, observed sex ratio, etc.).
 Jawbone tags.
 Measuring tape (used for antler and fetal measurements).
 A presentation summarizing your deer harvest data and deer management program.
 Hunting/harvest guidance throughout the season.

Westervelt Wildlife Services’ premium deer management package is ideal for hunting clubs or landowners wanting professional guidance with their deer management program.

Managing Harvest and Observation Data

Collecting, recording and interpreting deer harvest and hunter observation data is vital to monitoring the success of your deer management program. Collected annually for best results, information from harvested deer show the quality and health of the deer herd and is essentially the backbone of your program. Hunter observation data provides insight to the adult sex ratio of the herd and allows you to monitor the hunting quality of your property and the productivity of the hunting strategies used. With this data, our staff of certified wildlife biologists are able to provide unrivaled deer data analysis, graphic displays of important data trends and an easy to read harvest summary report that includes custom recommendations. If desired, your Westervelt biologist can meet with you, your hunting partners or your hunting club to personally review the report, discuss the status of the deer herd, and make sure you understand the recommendations provided.

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