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Deer Camera Survey

Why guess when you can know? Most of us spend a great deal of time and money trying to grow quality deer on our property. When you devote this many resources into your deer management program, why would you guess about how many and which deer to harvest to achieve your goals when you can know?

Conducting a camera survey allows you to make sound deer harvest decisions. A camera survey is the best way to determine the current status of your deer herd or to monitor the success of your deer management program.

During a camera survey up to 90% of the deer on your property can be captured on film. With these pictures, our staff of certified wildlife biologists are able to age and catalog each buck and provide you with a leather-bound portfolio containing nearly every buck on your property.

With the pictures from the survey, management decisions like whether to harvest or protect specific bucks, as well as determining the appropriate doe harvest can be made before the “Moment of Truth” in the field. The portfolio is also an excellent tool for educating hunters on how to age deer in the field.

While our clients are most interested in seeing pictures of the best bucks on the property, the results of the survey provide our biologists with the needed information about the deer herd to make sound management decisions that will put you on the fast track to achieving your deer management goals.

Many population parameters can be quantified from this survey. Some of the most useful information collected during this survey includes:

Overall population density
Adult sex ratio
Fawn recruitment
Buck quality
Buck age structure

Property Assessment

Westervelt’s Property Management Assessment is perfect for new landowners that are just starting their management program or those who have owned their property for many years. We use Property Management Assessments as a tool to help clients determine the current status of their property and wildlife program and identify strategies for improving it. This ensures their program starts in the right direction and management efforts have desirable results. Clients often request annual assessments as a check up to help them identify next steps, management strategies or projects that will help them achieve overall goals.

Our Property Management Assessment starts by meeting at your property and conducting a brief interview to determine overall and specific goals of the property or wildlife management program. The PMA also determines historical management, current status of the property and other relevant information that will help us help you. These interviews are usually held with the landowner(s), land manager, or hunting club.

Habitat Management

Habitat management plays a vital role in your wildlife management program. Westervelt’s staff of talented biologists can develop wildlife habitat management plans and provide innovative and sound habitat management advice that will
optimize the wildlife value of your property.

Some of the habitat management services we offer:

 Food plot consultation, planting, and forage analysis.
 Detailed site specific wildlife habitat plans.
 Innovative management applications that enhance wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities.
 Experience in correlating management plans with revenue producing objectives.
 Integrated forest and wildlife management plans.
 Recreational property development.
 Aerial Photography and mapping services.
 Timber stand improvement plans.
 Specific habitat improvements for Deer.

Deer Management

Producing healthy deer herds with many quality mature bucks is what we do best. Most of us spend a great deal of time and money trying to grow quality deer on our property. When you devote this many resources into your deer management program, why would you leave achieving your deer management goals to chance?

Our Premium Deer Management Package includes:

 Deer harvest data sheets.
 Boone & Crockett scoring sheets.
 Hunter observation cards (to measure hunt quality, observed sex ratio, etc.).
 Jawbone tags.
 Measuring tape (used for antler and fetal measurements).
 A presentation summarizing your deer harvest data and deer management program.
 Hunting/harvest guidance throughout the season.

Westervelt Wildlife Services‘ premium deer management package is ideal for hunting clubs or landowners wanting professional guidance with their deer management program.

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