Bill BakerHunting Lease Manager / Certified Wildlife Biologist®

B.S. Wildlife Management, Auburn University

Bill is a Certified Wildlife Biologist® with over 36 years of experience managing wildlife, wildlife habitat, and hunting leases. Because Bill has been working with hunting leases and hunting clubs since they became popular across the Southeast in the early 1980’s, he understands and can meet the challenges associated with managing for quality wildlife and hunting on industrial timberland and is a tremendous asset to the Westervelt Team.

Bill specializes in hunting lease program management and helping our customers get the most enjoyment out of their recreational hunting leases. As a result of his vast experience in the hunting lease business, Bill also specializes in helping hunting clubs set up and maintain quality food plots and deer management programs. In addition to game species management, Bill is involved with Westervelt’s environmental program and forest certification, especially endangered and threatened species identification and management.

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