Habitat Management for Deer


Westervelt Wildlife Services is a habitat management company, specializing in habitat management for deer.  Habitat management is used when landowners want to increase specific types of wildlife on their property.  Habitat management for deer plans range from clearing invasive growth, to restoring vegetation, to controlled wildlife hunting. A habitat management company like ours requires extensive planning and, depending on the landowner’s goals, may take years to accomplish.  Planning, development, and follow-through are everything, so do your research when choosing the right habitat management company.

The planning aspect will describe what is expected during the project, including seasonal duties and preparation.  Habitat management for deer will alter the landscape over time, while also increasing the native wildlife carrying capacity and enhance your property’s sporting features.  Wildlife habitat restoration begins with the identification of both disturbed and healthy habitats.  From there, a habitat management company has two main goals: protect the healthy habitats from potential damage, and restore native plants and wildlife to the disturbed habitats.  Habitat management for deer will help increase the capacity for larger populations of deer, but a good plan will often increase the capacity for other species as well.  Habitat management for deer is a complex process, requiring a certain biological background for tasks like soil analysis, studying existing populations, bedding areas, and available food sources.  One thing to look for in a habitat management company is the depth of their data records; a good habitat management company knows to record every possible bit of data to analyze and improve on previous efforts.

For more information about habitat management, please contact Jeremy Meares, 800-281-7991 or jmeares@westervelt.com.

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