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Westervelt Lodge

Westervelt Wildlife Services is part of The Westervelt Company, formerly known as Gulf States Paper Corporation. Founded by Herbert Westervelt in 1884, The Westervelt Company manages its nearly 500,000 acres of timberland and natural resources through an environmentally responsible, socially aware Highest And Best Use (HBU) approach.

Since 1951, Westervelt Wildlife Services has managed its land for quality wildlife and hunting, including our own Westervelt Lodge along the Tombigbee in western Alabama. In the late 1950's we were one of the first private timber companies in the Southeast to hire a full time wildlife biologist, then in the early 1970's, we were one of the first companies in Alabama to institute a hunting lease program.

Our biologists have always been innovative and knowledgeable when it came to game management. After the Great Depression in the 1930's, our staff spent many hours trapping deer from the Westervelt Lodge property to restock them in parts of Alabama where deer populations were suffering.

Westervelt was also among the first to initiate the harvest of does in the 1960's and protected young bucks to enhance the quality of the deer herd. Through sound wildlife management strategies, the Westervelt lands became some of the finest hunting lands in Alabama, and still are today.

As our customers and hunting club members noticed how well we managed our properties for wildlife and outdoor recreation, many began asking us to help manage their land as well. Today we provide wildlife and recreational property management guidance and manage hunting leases across the Southeast for landowners.